Our philosophy

Encouraging a child’s true potential in a loving and safe environment.

A Multilingual International School

Our philosophy is to believe the children can be exposed to more than one language from an early age. That’s why our Early Multilingual Language learning takes place spontaneously in a natural environment, making it a meaningful and relevant process for all our students.

We are the first preschools in Southeast Asia that offers the renowned Multilingual Language Program. There, we offer English, French, Thai, Mandarin, and Japanese language options to our students.
Our goal at ACACIA International Pre-Schools is for our students to become independent, responsible, and self-sufficient beings.

Community of Lifelong Learners

We are dedicated to creating a learning environment where the school, staff, and parents collaborate to develop each child’s potential.
Therefore, we encourage a sense of community both within the school and in the neighbourhood because we understand that every child is unique and learns differently. This approach enables our students to feel connected to the world at large and fosters a passion for learning.

Personal and Social Development

For children to succeed and reach their full potential, all aspects of their development must be given attention. Thus we focus on the whole child – socially, emotionally, physically, intellectually, and spiritually and are inspired by the Montessori Method


Children’s behaviour can be positively influenced by teaching them to respect the environment and educating them about their potential effects on the world and society. For this, Acacia provides activities like gardening, selective sorting, and arts and crafts with recycled objects.


A safe and secure learning environment is a priority that ACACIA International Preschool is extremely dedicated. We endeavor to provide a safe and welcoming environment where children are respected and valued. These are some of our core safeguarding principles to ensure your kids’ safety while in our care.

  • Guard supervision at all times during school hours
  • Visitors to our campus are always accompanied by a school staff
  • High standards of hygiene and cleanliness in our school campus to help minimize the spread of infections and illnesses in a setting.
  • All members of the staff are trained for safeguarding and positive disciple for preschoolers.
  • First Aid training for all school employees.
  • All students have accident insurance provided by the school, which has connections to the nearest hospitals to the school.
  • Fire Plan and Exit Training
Social and Charitable Commitment

At ACACIA have various collaborations and charitable actions that reflect our history and a genuine desire to have a positive and constructive impact on the underprivileged kids residing in the area around our schools and elsewhere.
We frequently host noteworthy social and charitable events on our properties that have a good impact on society.