ACACIA Hanoi International Nursery & Preschool


Acacia/Taupie House Nursery in Long Bien , Hanoi: The Leading Choice

Since 2018, Acacia/Taupie House Nursery has established itself as the premier French-speaking nursery in the Long Bien neighborhood. Situated in close proximity to the Alexandre Yersin French School, our nursery has gained a reputation as the go-to choice for parents in the area. Today, with the integration of Acacia Hanoi School and the support of a prominent education group in Southeast Asia, our nursery is reaching new heights.

At Acacia/Taupie House Nursery in Long Bien, we provide a warm and secure environment for children from 18 months old. Our dedicated teaching teams, all certified professionals, shower your child with love and care. Equipped with brand-new materials inspired by the Montessori method, our nursery offers the perfect tools for their development, ensuring a smooth integration into the French school curriculum and setting the stage for their future success.

Moreover, our institution offers a wide range of extracurricular activities for children up to 8 years old. These include language courses, summer camps, educational outings, and much more. This allows your children to not only catch up but also indulge in unique, playful, and educational experiences.

Benefiting from Acacia’s distinctive pedagogical approach and its 15 years of experience, Acacia/Taupie House Nursery in Long Bien provides a nurturing cocoon for your child’s growth and development.


In the Heart of Long Bien area in Hanoi

A Welcoming, Family-Focused, and Cosmopolitan Environment

Acacia Nursery/Maison de Taupie in Long Bien Village provides a warm, secure, and family-oriented environment for your little one from the age of 18 months. Our team of dedicated teachers, all certified in early childhood education, lovingly nurtures your children, fostering their social skills, self-esteem, personality, and autonomy.

A Pedagogical Program Fostering Integration into the French System

Drawing on 15 years of experience in early childhood education in Thailand, ACACIA’s dedicated pedagogical team has developed a comprehensive, enjoyable, and varied program filled with engaging activities for your child. This program serves as a solid foundation for their seamless integration into the French educational system, paving the way for their future accomplishments.

An Inspiring Environment Rooted in the Montessori Method

At Acacia Nursery/Maison de Taupie, we have created an enriching environment inspired by the Montessori method. Our nursery is equipped with brand-new, engaging, and educational materials that draw inspiration from this renowned approach. We provide your children with the essential tools for their development, nurturing their imagination, curiosity, and autonomy.


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Amandine DOSSCHEAcademic Director
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